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Cannabis: Real Investment Opportunity or Mainly Hype?

with Jeremy Berke, finance reporter at Business Insider

Cannabis. Psychedelics. Wall Street. In this episode, Bradley talks to Jeremy Berke, a finance reporter at Business Insider, about the emerging cannabis industry. The two hash out everything from cannabis tech startups to psychedelic drugs, and Mexico's incipient cannabis legalization. They also shared their predictions for the industry and outline what marijuana’s path to legalization might look like.

Released September 20th | Listen Here

Making sharing economy workers full time employees. What happened in CA? Is NY next?

with Dave Goldweitz, the Co-Founder of Glamsquad, and Tusk’s Christina Cioffe and Eric Soufer

In a special two part episode, Bradley sits down with Dave Goldweitz, the Co-Founder of Glamsquad, and Christina Cioffe to discuss the California legislation everyone is talking about: AB5. Dave explains how Glamsquad’s political strategy different from other tech companies and how his company is empowering beauty professionals to grow their businesses. Eric Soufer from the Tusk team also joins the episode to talk about his predictions and advice for when similar legislation comes to NY next session.

Released September 19th | Listen Here

Ladies Get Paid: What if Women Asked for More?

with Ashely Louise, co-founder of LadiesGetPaid

On this episode, Bradley talks to Ashely Louise, co-founder of LadiesGet Paid, a career development platform fighting for equal pay and closing the wage gap. Ashley dishes on how she went from being underpaid at her corporate job to co-founding the equal pay advocacy organization that counts AOC as a member. Ashley also discusses the importance of salary negotiation, the effect of the leadership gap, and what needs to get done to close the wage gap, once and for all.

Released September 12th | Listen Here


Mrs. Dow Jones: meet the expert on millennial finance

with Haley Sacks, @MrsDowJones

Mrs. Dow Jones: where humor and memes meet Wall Street. This week Bradley talks with Haley Sacks, the force behind Mrs. Dow Jones. Haley founded her financial media company to break down financial literacy by using a medium generation z and millennials can actually understand: memes. The two discussed her cult following, how she built the brand, and why she keeps up with investing instead of the Kardashians.

Released September 4th | Listen Here

The Purple Campaign: The nonprofit taking down sexual harassment

with Ally Coll, President and Co-Founder of The Purple Campaign

Meet the woman holding companies accountable after #MeToo. Bradley Tusk talks to Ally Coll, President and Co-Founder of The Purple Campaign. The Purple Campaign is a nonprofit dedicated to ending workplace sexual harassment. Ally discusses her recently announced partnership with Uber, Airbnb, Expedia, and Amazon to develop benchmarks for a certification that recognizes the companies taking the steps to address the issue.

Released August 28th | Listen Here

Firewall Special Edition: Tel Aviv Startups

Special Edition 1: Can Drones Disrupt the Gaming Industry?

with Aviv Shapira, Co-Founder and CEO of XTend

How do you take a human and place them inside that drone and allow them to be in a new physical reality? In the first episode of Firewall’s Special Edition, Bradley traveled to Tel Aviv to meet his co-host, Michael Eisenberg of Aleph VC, to talk to Aviv Shapira, Co-Founder & CEO at XTEND, a startup gamifying real-life activities by feeding live content collected by drones to VR headsets worn by the players. On the episode, they discuss aerospace, Aviv's previous company, Replay Technologies, that was acquired by Intel, the unique aspects of the drone industry in Israel, and the future of virtual reality.

Released June 26th | Listen Here

Special Edition 2: Can Trash Be Smarter?

with Shlomy Ashkenazi, CEO of GreenQ Technologies

What does trash, data, smarter cities, and dog poop have in common? In this second episode of Firewall’s Special Edition, Bradley and Michael Eisenberg of Aleph VC talk to Shlomy Ashkenazi, Founder & CEO at GreenQ about his company's data analytics for trash collection. On the episode, they discuss how GreenQ collects clean data from a dirty truck, why this data is so valuable, and the implications of throwing dog waste away in a sidewalk trashcan.

Released July 3rd | Listen Here

Special Edition 3: How Do We Define “Good Cybersecurity”?

with Ram Levi, CEO of Konfidas

How can an individual, company, or nation protect its digital borders? What’s wrong with the current conversation about cybersecurity? On this third installment of Firewall’s special edition in Tel Aviv, co-hosts Bradley Tusk and Michael Eisenberg talk to Ram Levi, CEO of Konfidas, about his experience developing Israel’s national cybersecurity initiative, GDPR, and why comprehensive policy isn’t limited to defenses and deterrents.

Released July 10th | Listen Here

Special Edition 4: What if you could control your dose of cannabis?

with Perry Davidson, Founder & CEO of Syqe Medical

How do you precisely dose cannabis for medicinal purposes? This week, Bradley and Michael talk to Perry Davidson, CEO & Founder of Syqe Medical about his work developing the first precise dosing mechanism for medicalized cannabis. They talk about the cannabis industry, the benefits of inhalation-based medicine delivery, and the regulatory benefits of Syqe’s structure and its revolutionary product.

Released July 17th | Listen Here

Special Edition 5: When will self-driving vehicles become a reality?

with Erez Dagan, Executive VP of Products and Strategy at Mobileye

What’s the deal with robo-taxis? What’s the deal with autonomous vehicles? On this fifth episode of the special edition from Israel, Michael and Bradley dive into the technological and political implications of autonomous vehicles, as well as the business-side of the self-driving industry with Erez Dagan, the Executive Vice President for Products and Strategy at Mobileye.

Released July 24th | Listen Here

Special Edition 6: Is the “medical selfie” the future of healthcare?

with Yonatan Adiri, Founder & CEO of

Yonatan Adiri from talks to Bradley and Michael Eisenberg of Aleph VC about how his company is rethinking healthcare for the smartphone generation starting with a digital urinalysis test that can be taken at home. uses a smartphone camera, combined with advanced machine vision artificial intelligence, to analyze test strips with clinical-grade precision. Michael and Bradley also ask Yonatan about his time as the first CTO to the President of Israel, healthtech after Theranos and the regulations the company faces both at home and abroad.

Released July 31st | Listen Here

Special Edition 7: Can a local cryptocurrency change a town’s economics for the better?

with Amos Meiri, Founder & CEO of Colu & FinTech expert Daniel Tsiddon

Amos Meiri, Co-Founder & CEO of Colu and Daniel Tsiddon, former Deputy General Manager of Bank Leumi, and Founder and General Partner in Viola FinTech Fund talk to Bradley and Michael for this final installment of the Special Edition from Tel Aviv. They talk about the regulatory, economic, and political implications of Colu’s local cryptocurrency, as well as local currency’s power and potential to fill empty storefronts with new businesses.

Released August 7th | Listen HereF