Announcing Special Edition: Israel


firewall goes to Tel Aviv

For a special edition of Firewall, and to celebrate our 70th episode, Bradley teams up with his friend Michael Eisenberg from Aleph.

Each episode, Bradley and Michael will interview founders of Israeli startups to discuss the challenges they face both in raising venture capital, and also in working with politicians and regulators. Today more than ever, potential disruptors to any industry face countless obstacles from competitors and regulators. As startups scale, the chance political hurdles will impede their growth increases. Bradley and Michael will discuss and diagnose the problems these startups face and offer insights and strategies so that companies can raise money, fight entrenched interests, and scale to size.



Want to be on the show?

Have a startup in Tel Aviv? Facing political or regulatory challenges, or think you might? Or maybe you’re trying to break into an industry where your competition is entrenched and powerful? Apply now for your chance to talk with Bradley and Michael on Firewall.


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