Trump’s First Term: Jury Is Out—Way Out - From The Observer

“If they cut taxes, pass a massive infrastructure bill and avoid a ground war, he probably gets re-elected—just like most presidents do. Or, the investigations could find that he conspired with the Russians. That would lead to impeachment, imprisonment, and, at least technically, treason can be punished by death. So, re-election, the death penalty or something in-between.”

What was remarkable about this conversation at lunch the other day wasn’t just that we were talking about the potential outcomes facing President Donald Trump—and not the plot of a really bad tv show—but that the people at every other table in the restaurant were probably discussing the exact same thing. This last week alone provided evidence that Trump’s performance in office is improving, but evidence that his campaign conspired with Vladimir Putin is mounting. This could go a lot of different ways. (Read)

Bradley Tusk