The Sad State of Our Beloved Union - From The Observer

As we celebrate our independence, it’s a day of mixed emotions for anyone who truly loves this country. We’re probably the greatest nation and most successful experiment in the history of the world. But we now struggle to govern ourselves, define ourselves and take basic steps to ensure our future. Democracy is both our greatest strength and our greatest vulnerability. While Churchill had it right in saying that democracy is the worst form of government except all the others, if we continue down this path, someone else’s democracy and someone else’s experiment will be the shining example—not ours.

Part of the problem is the jigsaw puzzle of two parties who control everything but lack vision, power or self-sacrifice to achieve virtually anything. If you tried to define the Democratic Party ideology, it would be that in order to take care of society as a whole, we have to fund and empower government. They would argue we can’t rely on the free markets or human nature to look out for others, so government has to. If you tried to define the Republican ideology, it’s that individuals and markets are far more able to take care of themselves than a giant bureaucracy ever can, so letting people keep more money in their pockets is the best way to run a society. (Read)

Bradley Tusk