The 25th Amendment Game: Who Is Most Likely to Vote With Mike Pence? - From The Observer

You’re Mike Pence. You’re a career politician, which means you’ve wanted to be President for as long as you can remember. You were picked—unexpectedly—to be Donald Trump’s running mate, but he treated you poorly during the campaign (even randomly wandering offstage during the announcement of your selection). Trump won, to the shock of most—especially you. And Trump is turning out to be even worse than you could have ever dreamed: erratic, unprepared, illogical, irrational, meglomaniacalpossibly mentally unstable.

You don’t want to be part of this train wreck. You wish you’d just stayed in Indiana and taught at Purdue. But, there’s a little-known amendment to the U.S. Constitution that could kill two birds with one stone, removing Trump from office and making you President. The 25th Amendment says that if a majority of the cabinet and two-thirds of Congress determine that the President is mentally unfit to serve, then he or she is removed from office. It was designed mainly to account for times when the President is physically incapable of serving (like when Ronald Reagan was shot) but it did anticipate, amazingly, a scenario like the one we’re in right now. (Read)

Bradley Tusk