Phil Jackson and Donald Trump Are a Lot More Alike Than You Think - From The Observer

Phil Jackson fancies himself a flower child of the 60s. The nickname (The Zen Master), the meditation retreats, the house in Woodstock, and the history of LSD use all help craft the impression that Phil is about peace, love, evolution and understanding. And when you’re winning title after title, people are willing to accept whatever self-image you want to project. But when you look at Jackson’s tenure as President of the New York Knicks, he looks less like Allen Ginsberg and more like Donald J. Trump. Case in point:

(1).      A long outdated vision that is never coming back

Trump: This applies to basically Trump’s entire vision—manufacturing, trade, immigration, criminal justice—but let’s go with coal as our example here. Despite Trump’s steps to dismantle Obama’s climate change efforts and lift coal production restrictions, the mining and transportation jobs he envisions bringing back are long gone. They’re performed by robots. You can offer incentives, weaker regulations and tax credits to companies who flourished 50 years ago—but you can’t put the genie back in the bottle or re-create their workforce. 


Bradley Tusk