An Insider’s Guide to Impeachment Politics - From The Observer

Let’s fast forward from the concept of impeachment to its reality. An indictment is a legal process. But while impeachment proceedings may look like a trial, as with everything else in Congress, it’s a political process—which means Republicans will face a variety of tough choices.

(1).      Loyalty to Trump

Will anyone remain loyal to Donald Trump? If you put every Congressional Republican on truth serum, Trump’s approval rating wouldn’t be much higher than Elizabeth Warren’s. And by the time impeachment proceedings happen, it’s possible Trump’s numbers will be in the teens—and no member will feel compelled to support him. But Trump won the Presidency just six months ago, and if you’re a member from a strong Republican district (and because of gerrymandering, most House Republicans are), a vote for impeachment may not be that easy. The 25th Amendment (a majority of the cabinet says they do not think the President is fit to serve and then 2/3rd of Congress approves) may provide some cover, but it still requires a vote by each member to remove Trump, which may be problematic for at least some Republicans.


Bradley Tusk