4 Critical Lessons Everyone Can Learn From the Mets Collapse - From The Observer

Everything looked good in spring training. Two star pitchers. Three more talented hurlers back from injuries. Cespedes gunning for MVP. The bullpen coming together. We’d made the playoffs the last two years, even made it to the World Series in one of them. Sure, the Cubs, Dodgers and Nationals all had better lineups—but we’d make it to the playoffs anyway. And with our pitching, there was no reason we couldn’t win it all.

Now it’s the end of June. We’re a little under the halfway mark of the season and we’re 10 games under .500. We’re 12 games behind the Nationals in the NL East and 14 games out of the wild card. Everything that could go wrong has—and then some. I’ve already had to teach my kids what “wait till next year” means, but maybe the season isn’t entirely lost. We can’t make the playoffs, but we can at least look at why everything fell apart, see where our thinking went astray, and use those insights to question some of our own assumptions about life and maybe learn something. (Read)

Bradley Tusk