4 Candidates Who Could Take the White House in 2020 - From The Observer

The lead story in the Sunday edition of The New York Times depicted the efforts of a host of Republicans—especially Mike Pence—to position themselves for a possible run in 2020. Of course they are. Whenever there are grand juries empaneled to investigate corruption in the White House and the campaign to get there, it’s reasonable to assume the incumbent may not be able to run for re-election and to start laying the groundwork for a campaign.

But the Trump resistance’s knee-jerk reaction of assuming everyone hates Trumpas much as they do isn’t right either. Voters sent a very powerful message last November when they said, “We are so unwilling to elect someone just because they’ve spent their life preparing to be president that we will vote for this lunatic instead.” The days of candidates carefully laying their path to the presidency since grade school are long gone.  (Read)

Bradley Tusk