Firewall Special Edition: Tel Aviv Startups

Special Edition 1: Can Drones Disrupt the Gaming Industry?

with Aviv Shapira, Co-Founder and CEO of XTend

How do you take a human and place them inside that drone and allow them to be in a new physical reality? In the first episode of Firewall’s Special Edition, Bradley traveled to Tel Aviv to meet his co-host, Michael Eisenberg of Aleph VC, to talk to Aviv Shapira, Co-Founder & CEO at XTEND, a startup gamifying real-life activities by feeding live content collected by drones to VR headsets worn by the players. On the episode, they discuss aerospace, Aviv's previous company, Replay Technologies, that was acquired by Intel, the unique aspects of the drone industry in Israel, and the future of virtual reality.

Released June 26th | Listen Here

Special Edition 2: Can Trash Be Smarter?

with Shlomy Ashkenazi, CEO of GreenQ Technologies

What does trash, data, smarter cities, and dog poop have in common? In this second episode of Firewall’s Special Edition, Bradley and Michael Eisenberg of Aleph VC talk to Shlomy Ashkenazi, Founder & CEO at GreenQ about his company's data analytics for trash collection. On the episode, they discuss how GreenQ collects clean data from a dirty truck, why this data is so valuable, and the implications of throwing dog waste away in a sidewalk trashcan.

Released July 3rd | Listen Here

Special Edition 3: How Do We Define “Good Cybersecurity”?

with Ram Levi, CEO of Konfidas

How can an individual, company, or nation protect its digital borders? What’s wrong with the current conversation about cybersecurity? On this third installment of Firewall’s special edition in Tel Aviv, co-hosts Bradley Tusk and Michael Eisenberg talk to Ram Levi, CEO of Konfidas, about his experience developing Israel’s national cybersecurity initiative, GDPR, and why comprehensive policy isn’t limited to defenses and deterrents.

Released July 10th | Listen Here

Special Edition 4: What if you could control your dose of cannabis?

with Perry Davidson, Founder & CEO of Syqe Medical

How do you precisely dose cannabis for medicinal purposes? This week, Bradley and Michael talk to Perry Davidson, CEO & Founder of Syqe Medical about his work developing the first precise dosing mechanism for medicalized cannabis. They talk about the cannabis industry, the benefits of inhalation-based medicine delivery, and the regulatory benefits of Syqe’s structure and its revolutionary product.

Released July 17th | Listen Here

Special Edition 5: Mobility with Erez Dagan, Executive VP of Products and Strategy at Mobileye

Coming out July 24th

Special Edition 6: Healthtech with Yonatan Adiri, Founder & CEO of

Coming out July 31st

Special Edition 7: FinTech with Amos Meiri, Co-Founder and CEO of Colu and FinTech expert Daniel Tsiddon

Coming out August 7th

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