What does a Mets fan do if Thor or de Grom ends up on the Yankees?

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I blame my dad. It seems biologically impossible that I came out of the womb a Yankees hater. He did this to me. And it stuck. I’ve hated the Yankees my entire life (yes, I’m a petty, jealous, vindictive Mets fan). I even cheered for Luis Gonzalez when he hit the ball up the middle, winning Game 7 for Arizona in a year (2001) that we were all supposed to root for the Yankees. So of course, I’ve done the same to my kids. They love the Mets. They hate the Yankees. They’re good kids.

But the Mets are typically abysmal and the Yankees are typically on top, pretty much like every season. Things have gotten so bad for the Mets, the pundits are suggesting they tear down the current roster completely and rebuild. That means trading our best players for prospects. And our only really good players are two starting pitchers — Jacob de Grom and Noah Syndergaard. If the Yankees need anything this year, it’s more starting pitching. And no team in baseball has more high level prospects to trade than the Yankees. So it makes sense.

Should the Mets pull the trigger? Absolutely. This team is going nowhere. Will they? Probably not — the Mets ownership doesn’t want to see the Yankees win the World Series and sending them de Grom or Thor helps ensure they may.

But for the sake of argument, let’s assume the Mets leadership has enough rationality and maturity to make the best deal for the team, no matter who it’s with. What do Mets fans then do? Suddenly start hating two of our favorite pitchers? Rooting against the only rays of hope on our team?

I’m not going to do that. I like Syndergaard. I love de Grom. And truth be told, I like a lot of the current Yankees too — Judge and  Gregorious both seem like good guys. At the age of 44, I’m finally starting to realize that it’s not a binary choice. The Mets are my team. That will never, ever change. But I don’t need to waste emotional energy hating a team that I don’t actually need to hate (I should probably do this even if our top pitchers aren’t traded to the Yankees). Life is too short to spend it hating people who don’t know you even exist. If de Grom or Thor end up in the Bronx, I’m pulling for them. I think.

Bradley Tusk