Let's keep things moving


It keeps happening. At the airport this weekend. By the subway entrance this morning. During school dropoff. 

I do it too, so i’m just as guilty as everyone else. But we need to create some new social norms around walking in public while looking at your phone. 

You may think you’re a fast walker. I know I’m a really fast walker. But when I’m texting or tweeting or reading at the same time, I slown down. You do too. And that’s a problem. Because when we slow down, we force everyone else behind us to slow down too. 

We need some social norms and etiquette around walking and texting. It could be like escalators — the people riding stick to the right, the people in a hurry walk up the left flank. That works pretty well. Doesn’t matter how we divide it up. But the answer just can’t be “you need to be more patient.” 

Of course I do. But that should apply to not getting agitated when my kids won’t get ready for school, not when you slow to a crawl to like someone’s Instagram post. 

Walkers while texting to the right. Everyone else to the left. Let’s keep things moving. 


Bradley Tusk